Planeview Transformation Coalition

Helping Others Grow in Faith, Wisdom and Love

You shall love your neighbor as yourself, and walk in the spirit of Jesus Christ

Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31, Galatians 5:13, Galatians 5:25

Mission: Sharing God’s love thru acts of kindness to improve life in Planeview.


The Planeview Transformation Coalition was formed by Chapel Hill United Methodist Church as a partnership of individuals, organizations, agencies, and the people of Planeview to encourage, and participate in efforts to eliminate poverty, improve living conditions and restore hope in the Planeview community.  Chapel Hill has made a 10 year commitment to this effort and is working with Brookside UMC, Partners for Wichita, the City of Wichita and others to proceed with this effort.

Planeview Transformation Coalition is a ministry of Planeview Outreach.  It was founded on a challenge by The Kansas Leadership Center after attending the ‘Faith and Leadership, Transforming Communities’ course.  Our 10-year commitment to the residents of Planeview was a simple gesture of working in God’s Kingdom that his son Jesus instructs is available to everyone – here and now.  Planeview is an oft-forgotten community within Wichita inhabited by mostly very hard working, grateful, economically disadvantaged people.  60% of the residents of Planeview are children.  We will improve life in this community in whatever direction God leads.

Our services extends to all people – churched and un-churched, all ages – young and old, races – both documented and undocumented, and all religions.  We realize that all people have equal status in the eyes of the Lord and everyone we meet and serve are treated like brothers and sisters in Christ.

We have spent much time building trust in the residents of Planeview.  Every situation and need is unique and as such has to be cared for in a very loving way.  Many times residents have to choose between air conditioning or water or simply something to eat.  We know we can’t help everyone – but the ones we help will have a lasting impact.  We strive to give a hand up and not necessarily a hand out.

Our goal is to be examples of Kingdom living.  If by that example, people seek out their own understanding of the love Jesus promised us all, then we have furthered His goal in our lives.

By caring for those in need, we become examples of God’s love.  It is thru caring, in an unconditional manner, that we invite those to experience the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ.  A very basic goal of ours is to restore hope to those inhabiting Planeview.

For a description and history of Planeview, click here.

The disadvantaged, elderly, minorities, and children of the Planeview community.

How to get involved:

Planeview Transformation Coalition meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:20 p.m. at Colvin Elementary School’s east multi-purpose room.

Who to contact with questions:
Charlie Schwarz 259-2115, or Debbie Maltbie 682-2491