Welcoming ALL people to experience and share the extraordinary
GRACE and LOVE of Jesus Christ.

At Chapel Hill we have a special calling to welcome all people into our congregation no matter what their past or current situations, without judgment or condemnation, just as Jesus did when He walked this earth.

We know all of us currently have, or have had, struggles in our lives, and we know that a strong faith makes a big difference in helping us face life every day. The moment you walk in our doors, we hope you will sense the love and acceptance that permeates our church community.

We focus on GRACE

Most people know “grace” is a religious term but they don’t fully understand its meaning. Grace is defined as “undeserved love.” When Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He earned our way into heaven even though we (humanity) didn’t do anything to deserve it. What this means in practical terms is that once you accept God’s gift of grace by acknowledging Jesus’ death for you, you no longer have to worry about earning your way into heaven by pleasing God through your actions.

Grace is what sets Christianity apart from all other religions in the world. Other faiths are full of beliefs and practices describing what you must do, and how often you must do them, to set yourself right with God in the hope that you might, someday, earn your way into heaven. But, the truth is, there is nothing you can do to make God love you more, or love you less. Jesus paid the debt for you. That is the good news found in the Bible. It is as simple as that. And, that is the message you will consistently hear at Chapel Hill.

We emphasize a “with-God” life

Jesus had a different worldview than most of us. He understood that the universe we live in is not merely a physical place, it is spiritual as well. He told us we do not have to wait until death to go to heaven to live with God. The Kingdom of God/Heaven is available to us whenever we choose to surrender to God and trust in His willingness to interact with us on a daily basis. Doing so means living your life with a constant awareness of God’s presence and availability, and changing your life in ways that acknowledge this reality.

When you know God is with you, you realize you are not alone and have the courage to do such things as: tell the truth when you might otherwise lie, not shout at others when you become angry, and reach out to the poor and homeless. In other words, in living a “with-God life” we become more like Jesus.

We are called to change the world by changing hearts through love. Rather than create feelings of guilt or advocating a list of laws, Chapel Hill is a place of acceptance. Our desire is to learn more about Jesus’ teachings, how the Bible applies to our everyday lives, and how we can have a “with-God” life each and every day.

We invite you to join us as we learn and grow together.