Kansas Leadership Center

Kansas Leadership Center

Thanks to a competitive Transformation Grant from the Kansas Leadership Center, 30 Chapel Hillers may attend KLC’s 2.5 day leadership program, Your Leadership Edge, virtually free of cost. A nationally recognized non-profit organization in Wichita committed to fostering community leadership for stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas communities, the Kansas Leadership Center has strong ties to Chapel Hill. Your participation could transform your relationships — at work, in the community, at home and with God.  Read on to learn more, or click here to register online.

A unique opportunity for Chapel Hillers

Each scholarship for Your Leadership Edge has the potential to transform the way you lead in your community, home, and place of business and worship. By attending Your Leadership Edge, you’ll join others from all sectors and levels of authority with a common aspiration: to move forward on what you care about most.

The KLC leadership framework has helped thousands more effectively diagnose situations, manage themselves, intervene skillfully and energize others. In addition to an introduction to the KLC framework, you’ll receive feedback and support from highly trained teachers and coaches. Your Leadership Edge is KLC’s most popular and accessible program; it repeats 14 times during the year, so Chapel Hillers who sign up may select the program that best fits their schedule. Join a community of others equipped with skills to move forward!


But what if I don’t think of myself as a leader?

The Kansas Leadership Center teaches that, contrary to what we may assume, leadership is an activity, not a position. Anyone can do it, anytime and anywhere. Leadership, then, requires influence, not necessarily authority. Since everyone has influence, everyone can lead. This is great news for Chapel Hillers: no matter your position, no matter the challenges you face, you can become a leader. You can inspire others to help create the change you seek but cannot accomplish alone. (Read more from the perspective of a Chapel Hiller going through the KLC program right now.)

A Word of Encouragement from Pastor Jeff

“I would strongly encourage you to prayerfully consider giving your time to training at KLC,” says Rev. Jeff Gannon, senior pastor. “It is especially important if you are looking for ways to deepen the meaning and significance of your life. This training has the potential to be one of those watershed moments where the trajectory of your life is changed forever. At the very least, if you avail yourself of this training, you will be a better person, a better family member, and will see how your life can be engaged in meaningful ministry. I strongly encourage you to participate!”

Kansas Leadership Center’s connection to Chapel Hill

“Chapel Hill’s involvement in Planeview is a direct result of our first encounter with the Kansas Leadership Center, Pastor Jeff continues. “We were asked to be a pilot group for the faith based expression of leadership development at KLC. The result was a clear leading of the Holy Spirit to be engaged in the most impoverished neighborhood of our City for at least 10 years. Over the years, Chapel Hill has sent individuals for leadership training and development at the KLC and as a result we have always benefitted greatly. To have this national gem in our backyard, so to speak, is an amazing gift.”

What is my next step? 

Fill out the registration form by clicking the link below. A Chapel Hill representative will contact you to schedule a meeting with Abigail Cook, Director of Adult Discipleship. Our grant covers the cost of the course, including some materials and most meals. However, you must purchase the accompanying book and pay for parking and any incidentals you may need along the way.