Living in the Kingdom Now

An adult study class on the writings traditionally ascribed to St. John the Apostle with Fr. Terry J. Hedrick (Ph.D., Durham University, UK). Join us for “Living in the Kingdom Now” on Wednesdays at 5:00 PM from September 12 through November 28.* The class meets in the fellowship hall.

Living in the Kingdom Now
According to the Writings of St John 

John the Apostle, the disciple of Jesus, is traditionally credited with writing the Gospel of John, the letters of 1st, 2nd  and 3rd John as well as the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The class is a detailed and devotional study of the Gospel of John and the three letters of St John. All are welcome. This class a group of ordinary folk longing to study the Scriptures with both a passion for transformation and a passion for deepening our devotion to Jesus. Our journey now is to engage in a study of St John’s Gospel and his three letters. St John’s Gospel is symbolized in the early church by the “Eagle” because it was considered to be the Gospel that soared above the others. However that may be, we are looking forward to a good class immersing ourselves in the Gospel of John, Jesus’ beloved disciple and his letters. We meet every Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 PM, Lower Level Rm 1. Hope you will join us!


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*= Note: There are no classes on October 31 (Halloween) and November 21 (the day before Thanksgiving). After November 28, the class will break for the month of December and resume in January 2019. 

St. John the Evangelist on the Greek island of Patmos, with eagle

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