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St. Arbuck’s Chapel is a weekly blog space where Pastor Jeff tells us what’s on his mind. The name pays tribute to a certain coffee chain where he finds refuge and inspiration. His current project is the “Wisdom from Wibaux,” an ongoing series exploring the native wisdom of his hometown. As he says, “The village raised all the children. I will be forever grateful for the lessons I learned from these authentic, hard working, hard-living folk from Eastern Montana. It may take us a year, give or take a few weeks, to get through all the stories, experiences, and people for whom I thank God regularly.”

Date Posted: August 29, 2017

Thoughts on Loneliness and Christian Community

I am a self-avowed practicing “news junkie”. If I really want to get in touch with my soul I have to take a media fast. Some of you, if not many of you, know what I mean. Sometimes, the ... READ MORE
Date Posted: August 22, 2017

Robert E. Lee’s Confession

  My friend, the Rev. Dr. Leonard Sweet, wrote something worth sharing about Robert E. Lee. He relates a story I had not heard before, so I am passing it on to you. –Rev. Jeff ... READ MORE
Date Posted: August 15, 2017

Sermon notes from Living without Anger, Part 2

Would you describe your life as good and beautiful? Notes from Sermon on Living without Anger, Part 2 As I mentioned last week, my blog through September expands on our current Good and ... READ MORE
Date Posted: August 8, 2017

The Good and Beautiful Life: Living without Anger through the Narratives of Jesus

My blog for this sermon series will be a dialogue with the information presented. I will provide practical opportunities for soul transformation so we can genuinely and consistently ... READ MORE
Date Posted: August 1, 2017

My Summer Reading List

I will begin my writing next week but this week I wanted you to know what I have been reading during my month-long sabbatical in July. Every once in a while people ask me about my reading ... READ MORE
Date Posted: July 25, 2017

Judaism, Christianity and the People of God

by Jacob Cook After two posts relating Christianity and Islam, let’s consider a theme in biblical Judaism. In a space that will be all-too-brief (and too long at the same time), I want to ... READ MORE
Date Posted: July 19, 2017

Being Followers of the Way by Guest Blogger Jacob Cook

Time and again—in classes, our Zoe group, and passing conversations—Abigail and I have been struck by the number of different Christian traditions represented at Chapel Hill. Most, if not ... READ MORE
Date Posted: July 11, 2017

Seek Peace, and Go After It by Guest Blogger Jacob Cook

This month during Pastor Jeff Gannon’s sabbatical, St. Arbuck’s Chapel features guest blogger Jacob Cook. Jake lectures in philosophy at Friends University and will soon complete a ... READ MORE
Date Posted: June 13, 2017

Where does racism come from?

Have you noticed the number of articles in the newspaper recently which describe a renewed vigor of racism and racist activity? Recently, a noose was found in the newly created Smithsonian ... READ MORE
Date Posted: June 6, 2017

God’s glory is revealed in suffering

Recently, I preached a sermon on how a good and loving God allows suffering in the world. We all know there is plenty of suffering all around us. No one is exempt. Suffering is the common ... READ MORE