“The only way to nurture my relationship with Jesus is to set my heart and mind on the Kingdom of God. The fundamental building block of an Apprentice of Jesus is living closely to Jesus in our ordinary lives.”
James Bryan Smith

Dr. James Bryan Smith, author-in-residence and founding member of Chapel Hill, is a long-time professor in Religion at Friends University and director of the Apprentice Institute. He is the author of twelve books in the field of Christian spiritual formation, including the three books that comprise The Apprentice Series:  The Good and Beautiful God, The Good and Beautiful Life and The Good and Beautiful Community.

In The Apprentice Series, Jim teaches readers to know the God Jesus knows. Participants learn how to “train” rather than “try” to become more like Christ. Jim suggests that the foundational elements of this training include:

• Recognizing the power of the Holy Spirit who produces change in our hearts
• Transforming our narratives — the stories we live by and guide our lives
• Practicing spiritual disciplines — soul training exercises to shape our minds and souls
• Accepting the role of community — the need to share our journey with others

The Apprentice Class at Chapel Hill

The content for these highly acclaimed books was developed, in part, through classes held over several years at Chapel Hill. Members of the congregation were among the first to experience the transforming power of this curriculum for spiritual formation.

Chapel Hill continues to offer The Apprentice Series curriculum as Jim’s schedule permits. If you are interested in enrolling in an upcoming classes, please contact the church office.

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