About Us

Welcome to Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, where we  invite you to discover and experience the profound grace and love of God through His Son Jesus Christ.

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Mission & Values

At Chapel Hill, we have a special calling to welcome all people into our congregation no matter what past or current situations, without judgment or condemnation, just as Jesus did when He walked this earth.

Worship +2

“Worship +2”  includes worshiping at a Sunday service, taking a class or being part of a small group, and using your God given gifts in service or outreach.  We believe that it isn’t enough to do just one, but that all three are necessary for a full, whole life with Christ Jesus.

First Fruits Fund

Ten percent (10%) of the “first fruits” of our income goes to outreach ministries.


Since our founding in 1995, Chapel Hill has been a stronghold of the Kingdom, a place where the message of God’s grace and love has been boldly proclaimed and lived by its members and constituents.