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Celebrate Wonder is a Sunday school curriculum that engages children’s natural sense of curiosity to help them understand God’s love. It creates a safe environment for kids to ask big questions — helping them explore the Bible in ways that feed their imagination and encourages creativity. Through carefully-selected Bible stories, songs, videos, and hands-on activities, Celebrate Wonder gives children the tools to explore their faith while incorporating it into their daily lives.

Thank you to the 45 families that signed up for our September Sunday School Kits. Kits are ready to be picked up in the church office during office hours Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.

If you didn’t get signed up, but would like to participate, I have attached digital copies of the material for you to print at home. I do have a couple of extra kits if you would be interested in the printed materials with the Family Activity Book.

This month, our Faith Word is “Creativity”.

All the Bible stories will align with the Faith Word each month. Here is the Faith Word Poster for the month of September:

Our Memory Verse Poster for September:


This month we will be exploring Genesis and learning about our creative God. Beauty is everywhere in God’s creation. Beauty is in the people we meet. It is in the world we see and the sounds we hear. As a family, look for and explore God’s beauty in all of its forms. I will be collecting pictures of God’s beauty for our September Wonder Wall collage, If you have a chance to snap a picture of something beautiful God created, send it my way so I can include it!

This Bible story is not only about creation, but also about the creativity God places in each of us. God creates humanity. God then shares the creative process by giving humanity a part of God’s self. “Let us” demonstrates that God is not working alone. God is engaged in relationship of mutuality and shares the creative process with others.

When God creates humans, God does so in God’s own image. To be created in the image of God is as if we are mirrors of God in the world. Each of us is a reflection of something greater. We are created to resemble the divine. This is a gift. Everyone has God within, and it is because of this that we are able to embrace our own unique expressions as children of God. Our ability to imagine and be creative is a part of how we are made in the image of God. 

On the seventh day God rests, but this does not mean God will not continue to act and interact with God’s creation. To rest actually puts things back into motion and calls for humanity to help carry out God’s creative process. We are then reminded that all is right, good, and holy, and God honors God’s work and all of creation with God’s blessing. It was all supremely good.

The Bible story helps children come to know their identity as a child of God. It provides a foundation of self-reflection and self-acceptance. To be known and loved by God is one of the most important messages we can teach our children. Help your children see the reflection of God in themselves and how they can use their creativity to help continue to create a beautiful world.

This week write positive affirmations on your mirrors or on sticky notes around your home. You can also write messages to others in your family. When you read your messages, stop and pause. Repeat the word or phrase three times and then remember that you are a beautiful child of God.

Attached is the lesson plan for Sunday, September 20th. There are simplified activities that require minimal supplies that you can usually find at home. 

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Don’t forget that I am making YouTube videos each week and posting them on our Chapel Hill Kids Facebook Group each Sunday at 8:00AM.  If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for early access to the videos each week.

These last about 13-16 minutes each with times to pause for activities.

I have also attached the template for the “Wonder Cube”. Cut this out and fold together, then use it to ask your kids questions after watching the Sunday school video of the week.

Congratulations to our 3rd graders on receiving their Bibles last week. They are:

  • Natalie Antonios
  • Kensley Beun
  • Emery Bond
  • Ben Bontrager
  • Gracie Cooper
  • Madison Gehrer
  • Courtney Herndon
  • Arabella Hickman
  • Max Hinz
  • Aubrey Kendrick
  • Thomas Kitterman
  • Brooks Lara
  • Ryan Larkey
  • Calliope Magouirk
  • Jens Mattke
  • Dylan Mock
  • Teddy Moeller
  • Bailey Norris
  • Fayette Ollek
  • Sadie Parcell
  • Sophie Parcell
  • Henry Peters
  • John Poland
  • Jillian Stucky

If you have a 3rd grader interested in joining our 3rd grade Bible class, please contact me as soon as possible, and I can get a Bible to you.

Allison Roth – Director of Children’s Ministries

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Friday mornings by appointment

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