I am using a book I was referred to by one of my pastor friends (believe it or not, I have one or two), “Disciplines for the Inner Life.” I’ve come to discover, the longer I live, we spend way too much time on the outer (which is wasting away) and not enough time on the inner (it is around for eternity). 

The format is pretty straight forward. Remember, structure when it comes to spirituality is not about rigidity, it is about helping us move forward, one step at a time, most especially when we don’t feel like it! I use the Book of Common Prayer especially when I don’t feel like praying! It primes my prayer pump, if you will! ☺

This week’s theme is: Solitude

Opening Prayer: (prayer every day for this week) I pause, Creator God, to commune with you. Help me to be still and know that you are God. Ease awhile any tense muscles or strained nerves or wrought-up emotions. Let me be relaxed in body and calm in spirit so that I may be more responsive to your presence. I pause, Father, to be commune with you. Amen. (Roy E. Dickerson in Daily Prayer Companion)

Scripture Readings (pick one to read each day – these are the Scriptures which will be used on Sunday morning to come. Read slowly. Remember…the goal is not to get through the Scripture but to get the Scripture through us).

Monday: Luke 5:12-16

Tuesday: Matthew 4:1-11

Wednesday: Ecclesiastes 3:1-13

Thursday: Luke 22:39-46

Friday: Galatians 1:11-24

Saturday: Luke 17:20-21

Read this quote each day…slowly…what is God saying to you about your own journey through this quote?

A reading for meditation – 

What Silence Reveals About Your Self-Worth

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