Making Moments

I am using a book I was referred to by one of my pastor friends (believe it or not, I have one or two), “Disciplines for the Inner Life.” I’ve come to discover, the longer I live, we spend way too much time on the outer (which is wasting away) and not enough time on the inner (it is around for eternity). 

The format is pretty straight forward. Remember, structure when it comes to spirituality is not about rigidity, it is about helping us move forward, one step at a time, most especially when we don’t feel like it! I use the Book of Common Prayer especially when I don’t feel like praying! It primes my prayer pump, if you will! ☺

This week’s theme is: Making Moments

Opening Prayer: (prayer every day for this week) Abba, give me eyes to see and a heart to respond to all which welcome to me this day. Forbid that I should miss its grace by ahead to some tomorrow. Let me accept the newness each moment brings with awareness and gratitude. In the name of the One who makes all things new I pray. Amen. 

Scripture Readings (pick one to read each day – these are the Scriptures which will be used on Sunday morning to come. Read slowly. Remember…the goal is not to get through the Scripture but to get the Scripture through us).

Monday: Luke 24:13-35

Tuesday: Mark 9:2-8

Wednesday: I Chronicles 28:10-30

Thursday: Revelation 3:14-22

Friday: I Samuel 7:7-17

Saturday: Matthew 17:1-13

Read this quote each day…slowly…what is God saying to you about your own journey through this quote?

A reading for meditation – 

    “It now seems obvious to me, that our emotional reactions, are not permanent parts of our makeup, … . Rather, they grow out of the way we see ourselves, other people, life, the world, and God. Our perceptions, become the habitual frame of reference, within which, we act and react. Our ideas, and attitudes, generate our emotional responses. Persistently negative emotions, are an indication, that there is a distortion or delusion, in our thinking, an astigmatism, in our vision [p.13:2]. For example, if I see myself as a worthless person, I can certainly anticipate many painful and persistent emotions: discouragement, depression, sadness, and maybe even suicidal feelings. But, if I can be brought to realize, by the affirming and unconditional love of another, that I am really a decent and lovable person of considerable worth, this whole pattern of emotional reaction, will be radically changed. As the distortion, in my perception of myself is eliminated, I will be gradually transformed, into a self-confident, assured, and happy person. Powell adds: If I think of you, as a friend and collaborator, my emotions, on meeting you, will be warm and positive. If I see you, as an enemy and competitor, my emotions will be just the opposite. To explain how two different people can perceive  the same thing or vision differently, he adds: [One night] two men looked out from prison bars. One saw mud, one saw stars” [p.13:3-p.14:1-2].

 Finally, Powell concludes: 

     “Consequently, if you or I are to change, to grow into persons, who are more fully human and more fully alive, we shall certainly have to become aware, of our vision and patiently work at redressing its imbalances, and eliminating its distortions. All real and permanent growth, must begin here. A shy person, can be coaxed into assuming an air of confidence, but it will only be a mask, [as]  one mask replacing another. There can be no real change, no real growth in any of us, until and unless our basic perception of reality – our vision, is  changed” [p.14:4]. “He Touched Me” – John Powell, SJ

Hymn: This is My Father’s World

This is my Father’s World
And to my listening ears
All nature sings and round me rings
The music of the spheres
This is my Father’s world
I rest me in the thought
Of rocks and trees
Of skies and seas
His hands the wonders rod
This is my Father’s world
The birds there carols raise
The morning light the lilliy white
Declare their maker’s praise
This is my Father’s world
He shines in all thats fare
In rustling grass I hear him pass
He speaks to me everywhere
This is my Father’s world
And to my listening ears
All nature sings and round me rings
The music of the sphere

Songwriters: Franklin Sheppard / FORSBERG

Benediction – Creator God, so much of my life seems to be devoid of events that can be labeled important. Its content and quality will more likely be determined by my responses to the ordinary. Let me see your hand in the providences and circumstances of this day. Amen. 

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