How Does Your Garden Grow?

Little church on the hill, how does your garden grow?

Community Garden

Simply, with the love and dedication of Marvin and Wendy Estes and the Silence family. The time has come that our amazing stewards must pass the gardening gloves to a larger and enthusiastic team. Begun three years ago, the Chapel Hill vegetable garden has produced some of the favorites ‘fruits’ of the season for my home.

Chapel Hill gardeners Wendy and Marvin Estes

I have taken my children out to plant, to harvest, and to pull weeds. Confession, we have been sporadic. VERY sporadic in our ability to be at the garden. With the planting season RIGHT NOW we need hands of all ages and abilities to work in the ‘dirt gold’ as I call it

It is amazing what the care and tending of Marvin has created. The plants will not grow if they are not planted, watered, weeded and harvested. This year we plan to plant zinnias, tomatoes, herbs, onions, and pumpkins. When five families get together or five friends… imagine what could happen! I cannot WAIT for the children at church to pick flowers to go home (that are not wishing flowers) and tell their loved one, “I planted it!”

The garden needs you!

The garden will not grow without you. CH garden needs your help, your hands. Even if your garden is full of weeds… you ARE qualified to come and take part. From harvesting to hosting the harvest stand on Sunday mornings… we need YOU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the beautiful people who created this sacred gardening space. With funding from a Bug Garden grant, they have made a beautiful location to connect with the bounty that God promises us. Won’t you come and be a part of our ministry?

–Rev. Dr. Lisa Thompson

To learn more and explore your involvement, contact Lisa at Thank you for your prayerful and thoughtful consideration of serving in this really important ministry.

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