Relationships and Resistance, Part 2

May 13 | Relationships and Resistance, Part 2

Senior Pastor Jeff Gannon concludes our Uncharted Territory series with the Relationships and Resistance, Part 2, a sermon for Mothers’ Day.  Moses continues to try with all of his might to lead the people of Israel. They are resistant and struggle to follow Moses because they are so intent on getting back to Egypt – to the comfort of their misery. They create idols in the absence of Moses’ leadership because the very thing they resist is the very thing they need. Leadership is never easy just as parenting is never easy. There are a lot of comparisons. On Mothers’ Day, celebrate the gift of women in general and mothers in particular.

With the characters of Moses and Zipporah as our guides, the series explores a recent book, Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory by Tod Bolsinger. Because leadership is influence and everyone has influence, everyone is a leader. Sometimes, we are reluctant leaders. Other times, we are excited to lead. But the fact is, we all lead, all the time, wherever we are –  at home, work, play or in the church. Therefore, since we are all leaders in a variety of contexts, this sermon series will help us lead more effectively in all aspects of our lives. Learn more about the series.

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