Uncharted Territory and the Call of Leadership


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Uncharted Territory: Moses, Zipporah and the Call of Leadership

A journey through the Book of Exodus
April 15 – May 13

Using the characters of Moses and Zipporah from the book of Exodus as our guides, we explore the themes of a recent book on leadership, Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory by Tod Bolsinger. Because leadership is influence and everyone has influence, everyone is a leader. Sometimes, we are reluctant leaders. Sometimes, we are excited to lead. The fact is, we all lead, all the time, wherever we are, whether it be at home, work, play or in the church. Since we are all leaders in a variety of contexts, this sermon series will help us lead more effectively in all aspects of our lives.

The series is launched in conjunction with the Leadership Transformation grant Chapel Hill has received from the Kansas Leadership Center, a nationally regarded non-profit organization based in Wichita. The grant enables 40 staff and congregation members to attend a 2.5 day leadership workshop, virtually free of cost. Sermons throughout the series illustrate different ways to grow through this opportunity from Kansas Leadership Center. Worshipers may sign up in Fellowship Hall after church or register online.

April 15 | Understanding Uncharted Territory

The World in Front of You is Nothing Like the World Behind You
Exodus 3 – The Call of Moses & the Slavery in Egypt

April 22 | Part 2 The On-the-Map Skill Set

No One Is Going to Follow You off the Map Unless They Trust You on It
Exodus 4:18-31 – Moses and Aaron meet

April 29 | Leading off the Map

In Uncharted Territory, Adaptation is Everything
Exodus 12:31-42 – The Exodus
Exodus 13:17-14 – The Crossing of the Red Sea

May 6 | Relationships and Resistance

You Can’t Go Alone, but You Haven’t Succeeded Until you Survive the Sabotage
Exodus 16-17 – The Back to Egypt Movement
Exodus 32 – The Golden Calf

May 13 | Transformation

Everybody Will Be Changed
Learning from Zipporah, wife of Moses and the mother of two children.
Exodus 4:24-26 – The Blessing of Moses by Zipporah
Deuteronomy 34:1-12 – The Death of Moses

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