Palm/Passion Sunday

Real, raw emotion often doesn’t seem to have any place in the church. We smile and tell people we are fine when they ask how we are, and heaven forbid we sing sad songs instead of upbeat songs about how God has saved us. Yet, lament – the passionate expression of grief or sorrow – is a neglected Christian practice that is actually at the center of the Christian message.  Mark 14-15 tells the story of Jesus’ passion, his journey toward death on the cross; it’s not a happy story.  Jesus’ passion mirrors painful realities in our contemporary life that bring personal sorrow and communal injustice into the light.  Rather than brush the sadness away, this Passion Sunday message from Associate Pastor Jill Sander-Chali invites us to sit with the deepest feelings of human existence, trusting that God sits there with us.

March 25, 2018: Palm/Passion Sunday

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