Why Should I Think about the Kansas Leadership Center?

Sam Smith on the Kansas Leadership Center and DIscipleshipWhy should I think about the Kansas Leadership Center? I can’t take time off work. Who will take care of my kids? And who am I kidding? I am not a leader . . .

by Sam Smith

Thanks to a special grant from the Kansas Leadership Center, Chapel Hillers have a special opportunity for personal growth by learning to strengthen their leadership skills, virtually free of cost. Although we may think of leadership as a remote activity that applies to elites in power and not to us, the Kansas Leadership Center’s 2.5-day course teaches you to view leadership as an activity available to everyone, the ability to influence and motivate others to make progress on any challenge, on any work.


Leadership principles anyone can use

The KLC program will show you universal principles that anyone can use in any life situation in which they have the means to influence others. In other words, no matter whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a grandparent, a vacation bible school volunteer or a CEO, we all exercise leadership because we all have influence on the people whose lives we touch.

By growing your skills through this program, you can make progress on a problem in your life, whether you feel stuck in your work, family or personal development. You can make a difference on a challenge in your community when you activate skills that will mobilize others to help bring about God’s Kingdom on this earth. And you can help Chapel Hill fulfill its mission to share the extraordinary grace and love of Jesus with others who cry out to receive it.

KLC principles are also Christian principles

Not only are KLC concepts applicable to anyone in virtually any life situation, they are also distinctively Christian, inasmuch as they are beautifully embodied in the life, teachings and example of our savior Jesus Christ. And since Jesus called on each of us not only to follow Him but to lead others into following with us, there is thus a powerful synergy between our leadership path and our discipleship path. Being called to follow, we are therefore called to lead also. If everybody is a leader, then “everybody” includes you!

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