Getting Ready for Lent

Church Shooting in Texas by Pastor Jeff Gannon IMG_8693 copyThis is a great guide for making Lent more meaningful!  I hope you join me, as we prepare for this special time of Lent.

Fat Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Read Matthew 5: 1-12

  • Ash Wednesday Skip a meal and pray for someone who is giving you a hard time
  • Thursday Call your mom, Dad, sister, brother
  • Friday Do something small to make someone’s day
  • Saturday Break an old habit of silence. Love your neighbor with a wave or hello.


First Sunday of Lent, Sunday, February 18, 2018

Read Matthew 5:13-32

  • Monday Skip a meal and go to your room and close the door when you pray.
  • Tuesday Let God give his love to the unlovely through you.
  • Wednesday Intentionally let someone get in front of you in line.
  • Thursday Take time to thank God for the meals you eat today.
  • Friday Listen to someone who you would normally brush aside.
  • Saturday Ask God for what you need because “he gives good gifts to those who ask.”


Second Sunday of Lent, Sunday, February 25, 2018

Read Matthew 5: 33-48

  • Monday Skip a meal and take a hike around your neighborhood or office complex and pray for your neighbors or coworkers.
  • Tuesday Ask someone with problems how you can pray for them and do it right then.
  • Wednesday Confess your sins to God and let go of guilt you’ve been carrying.
  • Thursday Give 10% of your time by volunteering at your church.
  • Friday Clean out your closet and give your clothes to a charity.
  • Saturday Call an old friend and ask about their life instead of talking about yours.


Getting Ready for LentThird Sunday of Lent, Sunday, March 4, 2018

Read Matthew 6: 1-18

  • Monday Skip a meal and pray for your pastors and your church.
  • Tuesday Hug someone longer and tighter today.
  • Wednesday Take the time to mend a conflict you have with someone.
  • Thursday Remember if you judge, you will be judged for the same thing.
  • Friday Forgive someone you’ve been angry at and you will be forgiven.
  • Saturday Smile at 5 people today.


Fourth Sunday of Lent, Sunday, March 11, 2018

Read Matthew 6: 19-34

  • Monday Skip a meal and pray for the hearts of corrupt leaders to be changed by God
  • Tuesday Spend time with a senior adult that’s alone in person or by phone.
  • Wednesday Contemplate who is in control of your life…God or money?
  • Thursday Praise God with your face and hands lifted to heaven.
  • Friday Remember that each person you interact with today is a person created in God’s image
  • Saturday Speak truthfully the whole day. Don’t mislead others with your words.


Fifth Sunday of Lent, Sunday, March 18, 2018

Read Matthew 7:1-20

  • Monday Skip a meal and pray the Lord’s prayer aloud.
  • Tuesday Abstain from letting any complaint leave your mouth all day.
  • Wednesday Consider that in order to be God’s servant you must follow His lead and not chart your own path.
  • Thursday Help someone in need and don’t tell anyone.
  • Friday Instead of judging someone, find a way to connect with them.
  • Saturday Pray for those trapped in human trafficking.


Palm Sunday, Sunday, March 25, 2018Getting ready for Lent

Read Matthew 7: 21-28

  • Monday Skip a meal and start a donation jar for local mission.
  • Tuesday Be gracious toward someone who doesn’t deserve it.
  • Wednesday Focus on being the light of Jesus today.
  • Maundy Thursday Avoid labeling others. It not only hurts them, it hurts you too.
  • Good Friday Do something small to make someone’s day like taking them a plate of cookies or buying them a meal.
  • Saturday Share your God-given talents with someone who can benefit from them.


Easter, Sunday, April 1 –  Bring someone to Church!!!

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