Learning to Recalibrate your Self-image

The New Year provides an opportunity for self-examination and growth on spiritual, emotional and relational levels. Today we continue The Easy Yoke—Life Without Anxiety, a sermon theme for a fresh start in the new year. And so this morning, Pastor Jill shows us how to learn to recalibrate our self-image. The series addresses the rise of anxiety in our world and in our lives. The Bible equates humans to sheep because we share one particular characteristic: we are by nature anxious. Yet, Jesus was a non-anxious presence. In fact, Jesus was completely relaxed. What can we learn from Jesus about how to live a less anxious life? Each Sunday through February 11, our pastors provide practical solutions to the chronic anxiety most of us experience and share on a regular basis. Learn more about this sermon series.

January 28, 2018: The Easy Yoke – Life Without Anxiety: Learning to Recalibrate your Self-image

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