Why I Give: Lisa Thompson


Why I Give

by Rev. Dr. Lisa Thompson

I am an ordained elder in the UMC. Currently I am on family leave and Chapel Hill is our home church. I serve as a clergy-in-residence in the areas of health and wholeness and children’s ministry. Zach and I tithe to the church, 10%. As a minister it felt important to me that I model giving with confidence and joy. I agree with the Longhoffers, there are many amazing organizations that are in need and that I believe in! They are a part of my giving as well, but our tithe goes to our church.

When we give to Chapel Hill, we equip our professionals to do their best at serving the church. Honestly, we can sustain the ministry funding (budget) this year. We can also grow it and imagine more! It is our choice. It is very simple. We are called to turn our hearts truly toward our Creator and choose life (Zoe!) for the ministry of the Church.

Why I Love Chapel Hill

I love Chapel Hill. I love that the leadership makes space to experience God’s wisdom and God’s love in new and creative ways.  The truth: We are blessed to come to a heated, handicap accessible, clean, well lit church with the comforts of refreshments, and plenty of restrooms. We then enter into the worship space! Hope shines through the stained glass as you are greeted with a smile. All chairs have a visual of the pulpit and the choir in the thoughtfully designed sanctuary. The screens and expert lighting allow your eyes to lift upwards and not strain to see small print in a hymnal. The website and live stream give you access to your home church while you are away or unable to attend.

We have professional musicians leading us through worship! (this is HUGE! I have presided over worship spaces where I AM the worship music leader…a cappella. Oh friends, that is where the imagination of a joyful noise REALLY becomes necessary!) What a gift to have the variety of musical skills to guide us through such amazing music.

Finally, our pastoral staff is full of wisdom and grace. They love God and they want us to know that God loves us. We spend money in the world. Money that gives us stuff… but does not remind us of who and whose we are… We are God’s gifts to the world and we are God’s children. When we give to Chapel Hill, everything about this congregation is about making sure that in this whole beautiful life, if you know nothing else… know that God loves you.

A Prayerful Exhortation

Would you please consider starting to financially contribute to Chapel Hill or make a gift above and beyond what you normally do? Giving is not reserved for certain income levels or age brackets. Giving is appropriate for children, youth, college students, singles, parents, working persons, & retired persons. If we can buy matchbox cars, lattes, dance lessons, zoo memberships or donuts… we can begin to prayerfully consider our giving to Chapel Hill.

This is your amazing beautiful life (ZOE!) and you are loved by God. The discipleship and ministry at Chapel Hill’s number one priority is making sure you know that Truth.


The Rev. Dr. Lisa Thompson



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