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  1. Dearest Jeff – First, we just rolled over laughing about the FBI prohibiting the showing of It’s a Wonderful Life. We knew most of the history having watched it annually for decades, but you fleshed out some history. Thank you!

    Then we watched both of the videos. We think people’s longing to have someone simply gaze at them, without judgment or reaction is the deep human desire for significance and unconditional acceptance which, in fact, one can only get from God. But how touching it was to see all those people just sit across from Marina for that five minutes.

    Then we watched the viewers looking at Salvatori Mundi. Amazing! So many of them virtually slack-jawed. Their tears brought tears to OUR eyes. Your sermon, which was life-changing, was altogether extraordinary woven together with these videos. Thank you, dear Jeff, for this worship experience. We love and miss you and Chapel Hill so very much. Trisa and Kyle

    Comment by Trisa and Kyle Usrey on December 30, 2017 at 1:22 pm