Preschool Receives Recognition from City of Wichita

Chapel Hill Preschool Recognition from the City of Wichita

Preschool Recognition from City of WichitaNancy Jensen, Supervisor of the Child Care Licensure Department of the City of Wichita’s Division of Environmental Health sent a letter recently to Mrs. Debie Marklevits, Director of Chapel Hill Preschool. She wrote:

“I want to congratulate you on running your licensed preschool in such a professional manner. On March 28, 2017, Jody Evans visited your facility. You did not have any violations to the childcare regulations. We consider that quite an accomplishment and want to say, ‘Thank you for a job well done!!”

Ms. Jensen also sent a certificate which reads:Letter from City of Wichita Dept Environmental Health

“Certificate of Appreciation Awarded to Chapel Hill Preschool for maintaining KDHE Regulations for the health and safety of children in care for three consecutive years! Outstanding!”

We are incredibly thankful to Mrs. Debie and all of our preschool staff for living out Chapel Hill’s mission to our 122 students!

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