Christianity and World Religions: A Lenten Worship Series, March 5 – April 2

Lenten Worship Series: Christianity and World Religions, March 5 – April 2


Lent is the 40+ day season each year in which Christians prepare to honor the death and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter. A time of reflection, repentance and prayer, Lent is also a traditional time for spiritual growth. This Lent season, Chapel Hill offers a sermon series that examines Christianity through the lens of other major religions. “Christianity and World Religions: a Lenten Worship Series” runs Sundays from March 5 through April 2 at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, 1550 N. Chapel Hill Drive, Wichita, KS 67206. Online learning tools described below allow anyone to participate in the series.

The worship series will compare and contrast the Christian faith with other major religions of the world: Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Each sermon will feature an interview by Senior Pastor Rev. Jeff Gannon with a representative of the faith tradition featured that morning. The last sermon addresses the diversity within the Christian faith and why that diversity is both essential and expected in the Kingdom of God. More than just an intellectual exercise, this series provides a means to grow within one’s own faith tradition as well as appreciate the spiritual perspective of others whose communities we share.

“One of the tenets upon which the United States of America was built is freedom of religion,” notes Rev. Gannon, creator of the series. “The U.S. purposefully created a nation without an official state church. This sermon series was created to explore the major religions of the world for purposes of understanding as well as to compare and contrast with Christianity in general and Methodism in particular. We live in a pluralistic culture and this sermon series is an opportunity to expand both our intellectual and spiritual horizons.”

The Lenten Worship Series schedule is as follows:

March 5 – Christianity and Islam

Genesis 21:9-2
Both traditions value discipline and discipleship.

March 12 – Christianity and Judaism

Genesis 12:1-3; 15:5-6
God is one and creates covenants not contracts.

March 19 – Christianity and Hinduism

Ephesians 2:1-10
God is personal, human life unique and unrepeatable.

March 26 – Christianity and Buddhism

Romans 8:18, 28; Philippians 4:6-7
The reality of evil and suffering: how God enters the suffering
and defeats the evil powers of this world.

April 2 – Christianity and Christianity:
Why so many different kinds of Christians?

John 17:1-5, Romans 12:5
Everybody is Somebody, Jesus is Lord. The Body of Christ is diverse yet one.
Christian unity is a priority for the One who is our head.

The series appropriately honors and respects other traditions discussed. Chapel Hill is a welcoming, inclusive congregation. These services are open to anyone with an interest in religious matters, regardless of faith tradition.

Daily Devotional Guides and Online Services

A series of weekly Daily Devotional Guides offer scriptural readings, meditations and prayers tied to each sermon in the series. Twitter followers of Chapel Hill will receive a Daily Devotional Tweet each day at 12 PM noon. Each tweet contains a link to a daily devotion. The Devotional Guides are also available on our website. Together with Chapel Hill’s Sunday service streaming, worship service video archive and Itunes sermon podcast, the Daily Devotional guides allow anyone to watch, listen and learn from this series.

Worship services are Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. Nursery, child care and children, youth and adult classes are available. Services are live streamed on our website and subsequently published on YouTube and as a podcast on ITunes. All services are held at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, 1550 N. Chapel Hill Drive, Wichita, Kansas, 67206. Located off 13th Street near K96, across the road from Warren East Theater. 316-684-1117.

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