Unstuck – A Worship Series for a New Year

Unstuck Worship Series

Unstuck New Year Worship Series

Are you stuck in your life?

The New Year is a great time to get unstuck. All of us have been stuck at various points in our lives – stuck in our habits, fears, sins, destructive behavior, lies, our false self. Drawing from the 12-step tradition as well as Scripture, our new worship series offers healing, hope, freedom, change, and deliverance.


Unstuck Sermon Series

January 8 – Unstuck: Me Too
Romans 7:15, 18-20, Galatians 9

A message on the universality of human brokenness and powerlessness. The ground at the foot of the cross is level because we all share in the “thorn in the flesh” syndrome. The 12 steps are a tool for experiencing the sufficiency of God’s grace.

January 15 – Unstuck: Get Help

Daniel 4:29-34

A message on how we can turn to God as the Power greater than ourselves who can restore us to sanity.

January 22 – Unstuck: Get Gripped

Philippians 2

A message on how, when we get to the end of our rope, we let go and trust God to grip us with grace and hope.

January 29 – Unstuck: Get Real

Psalm 51, Psalm 139:23-24

A message on how to make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves as the next step in becoming unstuck.

February 5 – Unstuck: Get Vulnerable

Genesis 3:8-10, James 5

A message on how to break the power of canceled (forgiven) sin through confession. Confession is a means of grace for experiencing healing and restoration.

February 12 – Unstuck: Get Even

Luke 19

A message on how to reconcile the brokenness of the past. The story of Zacchaeus is about the gift of doing the right thing and trusting God for the results.

February 19 – Unstuck: Get Out

Jonah and Ninevah, the Woman at the Well and her neighborhood, the Demoniac and the God-forsaken place

A message about how our own healing continues by helping. In the words of a sage, “One beggar sharing with another beggar, where to find bread.”


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