My Experience at Dillion’s this week…


I was checking out at Dillon’s and the clerk scanning my items greeted me and I returned the favor and noticed her name printed plainly and clearly on a white plastic badge. It said, “Faith.” I said, “I love your name. Why did your parents name you Faith?” She said, “Because they have strong faith and because they had a hard time getting pregnant, they always said if they have a baby they will name him/her ‘Faith.’” I said to her, “With a name like ‘Faith,’ you must be a person of faith!” She said, “No, as a matter of fact, I don’t have much faith at all!” I said, “What happened in your life that weakened your faith? Are you disappointed with God and mad at God?” She said, “Life is so hard and faith in God takes too much work!” At this point, another customer came up behind me and I knew I needed to draw this conversation to a close. So I said, “Everybody has their struggles and everybody, if we are honest, sometimes wonders where God is in the midst of the challenges of life. But I know one thing. God knows you. God loves you. God has not given up on you. In fact, the only reason I am in your line today is to remind you to not give up!” At this point, the tears were beginning to flow. My bags were loaded and I had my receipt in hand and then I said, “Faith, when you’re struggling just look at your nametag and remember why your parents named you ‘Faith.’”

This experience reminded me how many opportunities I have to share faith in the least threatening ways. I have decided to be more aware of the people God is placing in my path. I pray you will be open to the people God has placed on your path today and every day!

I am praying for Faith today. I hope you will too!

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