August 3, 2016 – The Power to Influence Others

My coach, Nelson Searcy, is always challenging us to abandon average. I deeply appreciate his commitment to excellence because it glorifies God and blesses people. I am always careful to say this is not an unhealthy perfectionism that creates unrealistic expectations. It is rooted in the idea that God has blessed each of us with many gifts and graces to make a difference in this world. Amen!? This is true for clergy and laity!

One of the most important gifts that God has given each of us, lay and clergy alike, is the power to influence others. That is why John C. Maxwell, the leadership guru, says, “Everyone is a leader because leadership is simply influence and everybody is influencing somebody all the time.” I agree! Sometimes we underestimate our ability to influence others.

A great example of this truth is the latest research on what form of publicity is the most successful at attracting new members?

* Door hangers – 1%

* Newspaper or print ads – 1%

* Billboards or road signs – 3%

* Mailers – 3%

* Internet communication – 4%

* Social media – 6%

* Word of mouth – personally inviting someone to worship – 77%

I want to invite you to prayerfully consider inviting anyone you know who does not have a church home to attend worship with you! I will be doing the same. This can be co-workers, neighbors, workout buddies, etc.

Please keep in mind…the impact we have on others is powerful and effective!

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