Adding Value to Your Life and Others Around You

John C. Maxwell says that one of the most important functions of a good leader is to intentionally add value to every person with whom we come into contact. He has several ideas which I will bullet point for you….

  • Are you adding value to people or you wanting people to add value to you?
    • Remember…God values all people therefore I am to value all people. Am I connecting with them or correcting them? Are you a connector or a corrector?
    • Every day be intentional in finding creative ways to add value. This is not accidental but intentional.
  • There is a fine line between motivating people and manipulating people.
    • 3 questions people ask to determine the difference between being motivated and manipulated….
      • Do you like me? Are you a person of compassion?
      • Can you help me? Are you a person of competence?
      • Can I trust you? Are you a person of character?
    • Everything worthwhile in life is uphill. The challenge is we have uphill hopes and downhill habits. The only way we can break a downhill habit is to get intentional in our lives with intentional living. Nobody speaks of accidental achievement. You have to be consistent day in and day out. Significant living is uphill. Downhill habits are selfish. Selfish living and significant meaning are incompatible.
    • Most people do not lead their lives. Most people accept their lives. When you accept your life and not lead your life it is not intentional and it is downhill living.
    • Every day….every place….be intentional to add value to those with whom you work, live, play, encounter at the store, etc.
    • When you change your thinking from “What am I going to receive?” to “What am I going to give?” your entire life begins to turn around.


This week…in every place…with everyone….be intentional to add value to people and remember….we are called to be connectors….the Holy Spirit is a better corrector.

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