Genesis 1: Hebrew Poetry at its Best

As I said on Sunday, there are Scientists who look at the order of creation as described in Genesis 1 and on that basis, make a decision to discredit the validity of the Creation story. For example, one of the critiques of Genesis 1 is that the sun and moon are created after the land and plant life, which doesn’t fit what we know about the universe.

But, the order of creation in Genesis, is not structured around photosynthesis. It is a description of Hebrew poetry at its best. For example, day one of Creation is day and night; two are the waters above and below; three is water and land. Then four, five, and six, are exact parallel structures to days one, two, and three.

Day four aligns with one, five with two, and six with three in terms of the content: the sun and the moon for the day and the night, the birds and the sea creatures for the waters above and below, and land and plants for animals and people. This poetically describes how beautiful God’s world is.

In the beginning, God created and look at how incredible and beautiful this universe really is!  That’s the message of the writer of Genesis.

On February 7th, I will continue my sermon by exploring more fully how the Bible can fit with evolutionary biology.

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