Ryan “Root” Challenge

root challenge pic

CLICK HERE for the WEEK 1 devotional!

CLICK HERE for the WEEK 2 devotional!

~Students! Join us in committing to Grow our ROOTS deep in Christ.~

Spend 10 min with Jesus at least 5 days/week. Until Jan 1. 

That’s 20 days of quiet time with JESUS!!

Read and answer devotional questions.

Bring the completed devotions to Eric to receive your official “Ryan” credits.

Let’s build strong roots by making a habit of personal devotions and make Jesus the CENTER of our lives during this Holiday Season!!

~Any HS or MS students that fulfill this challenge will get to join us for bowling at the Alley!!~

Ryan Root is Awesome…so we’re gonna follow his lead!

~Be Honest! Be yourself and Be open with God…He will LOVE that you spend time with HIM!!

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