Church on the Porch

Ministry in the 21st Century is utilizing technology in ways never thought imaginable. For example, a family who used to live in Wichita and moved away have not been able to find a church like Chapel Hill in South Carolina. So…read this email and see how creative ministry is happening.

As you probably heard, I moved to SC about 18 months ago. It’s been a pretty crazy 18 months, but one of the highlights is “Church on the Porch.” I live at the edge of the mountains and don’t have that many churches close by, but I did visit 5 different churches and didn’t find one that quite fit. We started listening to the recorded [Chapel Hill] messages on the “Porch.” The Porch overlooks a river running out of the mountains and it is in a rapids area so we get the wonderful sounds of water and you preaching…it’s turned out to be a fun, invigorating and peaceful event. We even get to stop when we want and discuss some point you are discussing…Thank you for the messages on the web. I’m sure we’ll continue to listen…we also have friends who love the idea and will likely join us.

I know it’s not the mountains of Montana, but it’s still pretty cool. Thank you again and long live “Church on the Porch.”

Thanks be to God for the gift of live stream video and for the ability to archive for future watch.

Are you aware you can go to YouTube and watch past sermons, past lectures, etc on the Chapel Hill YouTube channel?

Are you aware we have a Facebook page? Please go check it out and like us!

Are there things we are not doing we could be or should be?

Your creative thinking is always welcome.

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