“Blue Christmas”

Perhaps you have heard Elvis’ song, “Blue Christmas.” One of the reasons Elvis was so popular, in my humble opinion, is he was able to connect with people and their human experience through his music. That song, “Blue Christmas,” resonated with people who were dreading the holidays because of a painful life experience.

Many years ago, I came across a poem/prayer that I find to be helpful to anyone who is walking through the valley of the shadow of death:

It’s Christmas, Lord.

The season to be jolly and all of that.

But some of us are not so jolly.

It’s time for families to be together,

It’s time to sing, “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

But, Lord, some of our loved ones

Won’t be home this year, or ever.

And some of us find it very difficult

To shop for Aunt Jane and Grandpa.

Some of us find our minds occupied with youth who die young,

With children who are ill,

Adults who are sick.

We have a tired worn-out body, O God.

We can’t deal with crowds or carols.

And some of us find that happy memories of Christmas’ past

Make this Christmas seem so hollow.

Lord, it’s altogether unbearable.

It’s a temptation, Lord, just to skip it.

To refuse to decorate a tree, or send a card,

Or purchase a single present.

I guess it’s possible to do that,

But it seems unfair.

It takes tremendous strength for some of us to say, “Merry Christmas,” this year.

More strength than some of us possess.

And yet, Lord, that’s exactly why you came to earth, isn’t it, Lord?


He came to bring us a peace the world cannot give and cannot take away.

More strength than some of us possess, and that’s exactly why he came.

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