October 14, 2015 – Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Part 3

On Sunday, in my sermon, I invited and encouraged each of us to create a “Rule of Life.” The “rule” is simply the means by which we experience life, Zoë life! We allow God to use these “means” as a way to shape us and transform us.
I want to encourage you to do something in each area: prayer, rest, activity, and relationships….

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A few thoughts that will hopefully help flesh this out…
Scripture reading – the goal is not to get through Scripture. The goal is to get Scripture through us. Read slowly and let God speak to you through the words.
Silence and Solitude – even 5 minutes of stillness…breathe in through your nose as you say, “I breathe in your goodness, O God,” and breathe out by saying, “I breathe out all that is keeping me from peace.” We use total silence and solitude to minimize distractions. Cooperating with our body/breath, we experience God more holistically.
Daily Office – I use the Book of Common Prayer which is Anglican. There are many other options, many of which are available online. The Book of Common Prayer is readily available at a bookstore or Amazon.com. The goal is to pray in the morning, noon, and night. I use the BCP for morning prayer on a regular basis.
Study – simply read a chapter of a spiritual book or take a class. We have many options at Chapel Hill.
Sabbath – one 24 hour period of rest and does not have to be on Sunday. It is an opportunity to reflect and renew. How do you know if you are keeping the Sabbath? You don’t do anything you have to do!

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Service and Mission – serving the person who cannot pay you back is a means by which we grow in gratitude and thanksgiving for what we have. It is a way of realizing how much most of us have compared to others in the world. Getting our hands “dirty” is essential for spiritual growth. We especially experience growth when we work side by side with those we serve.
Care for the Physical Body – rest, nutrition, sleep, going to our physician or healthcare provider. These are important ways to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit.
On relationships – it is being intentional to connect with those we love or would like to share the spiritual journey with. I am intrigued by the African proverb, “I am because we are; we are, because I am.”
Be reminded please….this is not about legalism – God will love me more if I do this. It is not about anything other than creating a structure for us to grow in the knowledge, love, and grace of God.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

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