February 18, 2015 – Forgiveness Quiz

 1. Anger has no place in forgiveness. True or False?

False – the level of anger reveals the need for forgiveness. Anger = bitterness and sadness = depression

2. When you forgive, you forget? True or False?

False – only God has that capacity and trying to forget makes the memory more persistent

3. To forgive means letting the person back into your life? True or False?

False – forgiveness and reconciliation are separate acts

4. Forgiveness is putting up with behavior that is hurtful to you? True or False?


5. You should wait until the offender apologizes to you before forgiving them? True or False?

False – forgiveness is about you being free from resentment

6. Forgiveness says “that’s ok” if the offender explains the reason for hurting you? True or False?

False – explanations not excuses can be helpful in healing but it is never ok.

7. Confronting the offender with your anger is part of forgiveness True or False?

False – not about blaming or contempt

8. Forgiveness is deciding not to get even? True or False?

True – leave revenge to God

9. Forgiveness is accepting the person “warts” and all? True or False?

False – acceptance and forgiveness are separate acts

10. Every time you tell your story it helps bring healing? True or False?

False – keeps the hurt alive and healing rarely happens

11. Letting go of hard feelings and seeking revenge is part of true forgiveness? True or False?

True – let go and letting God be God

12. Forgiveness is a one time event? True or False?

False – ongoing process


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