Lifelines – June 11, 2014

By Rev. Jeff Gannon –

I wanted to finish the sermon I started this past Sunday! I am passionate about the role of the Holy Spirit in prayer. I gave 6 “lifelines” (ways in which the Holy Spirit empowers our prayer life and connects us with God) last Sunday and want to share the last two over the next two weeks.

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We all know that dreams happen for a number of reasons. I am highly influenced by Freud who said that dreams are natural therapy – we are working out in dreams the things that happened to us during the day which may not have been resolved. Furthermore, I am influenced by the early church mothers and fathers who said dreams can be a means by which God speaks to us simply because God cannot get our attention in any other way. For others, it may not be a lack of space or awareness to God’s voice, it may be that dreams are so formative and are rarely forgotten when God speaks.

We not only have the biblical example of Elijah in the Old Testament but we have the beautiful example of Joseph in the New Testament.

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Seven years ago, when Wichita State fired Jane Albright as head coach for women’s basketball, James Bryan Smith called her and said, “Jane, you are in the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom nor you can be shaken.” That prophetic word was confirmed when Jane had a dream where God showed her the arena where she would coach next. The next day, after the dream, she was offered the head coach position at the University of Nevada Reno. The basketball court was exactly the one she saw in the dream. It gave her confidence and confirmation she was being called to Reno. God works in mysterious ways. She has done extraordinarily well with that program, by the way.

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Are you open?

Remember…our posture (inwardly and outwardly) is important!

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