Cultural Trends #3

By Rev. Jeff Gannon

This is the third and final in this series from the George Barna research released on January 21, 2014 regarding the three major faith and culture trends to watch this year.

First, the role of “church” is generating more skeptics and stronger defenders. Secondly, 69% of practicing Christians believe violent video games directly contribute to violence in America. Americans are struggling to live with a culture of death.

Finally, the trend is an erosion of trust in public schools. Nearly half of all adults believe public education has gotten worse in the last five years and only 26% of parents with children say public school is their first choice for their child’s education.

Many of you know this is a topic of great importance and concern to me. I am as involved in public education as our kids will allow. Seriously, I am convinced, because of my interest in politics and my experience of student teaching American Government, that public education to serve the common good is essential to a democracy that works! Without an educated electorate, democracy erodes into too few knowing and doing too much!

Furthermore, I believe each parent must make their own choices about the educational path most effective for each one’s child. Therefore, if private education is preferred, that’s great!

Vouchers that remove tax dollars from public schools in order for parents to repurpose their funds for private education, are a threat to the values of democracy and a biblical vision of serving the common good.

Let me leave you with some good news. 95% of pastors believe Christians should get more involved in public schools, and 85% of practicing Christians agreed with the pastors.

Would you like to get involved in serving at Jardine Middle School in Planeview? You could make a huge difference in so many lives. If you’re interested, please contact Pastor Wendy at:

Please remember to thank our teachers and administrators for the great work they do! And, lifting them to God in prayer would be so appreciated.

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