Psalm 23.

By Rev. Jeff Gannon, Senior Pastor


Psalm 23 is a beautiful expression of the kingdom of God, in which God is with us, caring and providing for us, and blessing us, even in trying circumstances.  The God of Psalm 23 is generous. Because of God’s gracious provision, protection and care, we lack nothing. God invites us to rest,
to be refreshed and to be restored.  God leads and guides even in the midst of our painful situations. And because God is with us, we can live without fear.  God not only provides for our need, he gives us more than we need—our cup is overflowing. When we walk with God as our Shepherd, we see our entire life—even our trials and suffering—as goodness and mercy.  Try reciting Psalm 23 before you fall asleep each night, and again when you awake. Before your feet hit the ground, try to have slowly meditated on each word.  Recite it so often this week that it becomes second nature to you, as natural as breathing.  You will notice yourself beginning to pray it at odd times.  By letting this Psalm wash over your mind, you imbed the narrative of our generous God into your soul.  As you pray this song this week, what is the most meaningful verse for you?

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