Who is in your inner circle?

God’s Word provides us with information about who we should surround ourselves with as leaders. Paul and Barnabas were peers, Paul was a mentor and coach for Timothy. Jesus surrounded himself with an inner circle of disciples – John, James and Peter. They supported him and received extra leadership training. Who makes up your inner circle? Who is your Barnabas? Who is the person who teaches and mentors you and models leadership? Who are you mentoring and investing time in?  Take some time to really think through these four areas and draw a quadrant. At the top of each quadrant write “Inner Circle”, “Barnabas”, “Paul”, “Timothy” and then write the names of the person(s) who fill that role for you.

Leadership is hard work. If you do not surround yourself with a support team and spend time investing in the life of a younger leader, it becomes not only difficult, but often results in burn-out.  So, who are the people in your quadrant?



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