By Rev. Jeff Gannon, Senior Pastor

I was blessed when I read this poem by Linda Mae Richardson, who is a volunteer with our local Victory in the Valley ministry. I hope you are blessed as I was….



When I face hardships on life’s way

Seems circumstances rule my day

And worries reign o’er every thought

Obscuring blessings soon forgot.

In troubled times it’s hard to see

Past obstacles ahead of me…

As storm clouds gather all around

And thunder roars with harsh resound.

But I have witnessed other souls

Who facing troubles – seem to know

Though life holds days both good and bad

A joyful heart reigns o’er the sad.

I stand amazed at those who find

The strength to conquer thoughts and mind

With grateful hearts through joy and pain

Life’s love and blessings they still claim.

So with God’s strength I’ll face each fear

And cling to all that I hold dear…

For circumstances can’t control

The fearful thoughts God’s peace remolds.

A thankful heart is healing balm

My spirit sings a brand new song

Of hope and love and praise renewed

For God – not fear – rules attitude.

These gifts I wish to share with you…

“Hope’s healing light to guide you through”

“New strength to finish every race”

“A grateful heart empowered by grace.”

– Jeff

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