Energy – the Leader’s Edge

As I started to plan for my time away from Chapel Hill, our Senior Pastor, Jeff Gannon, asked me to complete a 6×6 plan for Leadership Chapel Hill and the various ministries I work with. For those who know me well, I loved that challenge. First, because I love to set goals, but secondly because I use the 6×6 method in both my ministry and coaching practice.

Let me explain how it works. Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor at Willowcreek Church in Chicago, introduced the concept at a Global Leadership Conference a few years ago. He was trying to understand what leaders struggle with the most as they seek to make a unique and significant difference in the ministries and organization they lead. Time and time again, he heard “my time”. True, as leaders, we usually have many people who want some of our time each day, but as he really started to dig deeper he soon heard that the real thing a leader wanted and needed: a focused way to energize teams and individuals to accomplish things beyond his or her everyday job. As he experimented with the concept, the 6×6 concept was birthed: What are 6 things you can give energy bursts to in the next 6 weeks that will move the ministry, organization, or your leadership or your life to the next level? So, before leaving in October, Jeff and I reviewed my list for what I would like to give my energy bursts to at Chapel Hill during November and December. Just as importantly, I put together a personal 6×6 of what I wanted to give energy bursts to in the month of October as I stepped away from ministry and my business.

I encourage you to work on your own 6×6. What are six things you would like to give bursts of energy to make a unique and significant contribution to your family, job, church, or life?
Here is my personal 6×6:

1) Learn more about how I can discern God’s plans for me in this season of life. (I hired Sr. Mary Kevin Rooney to be my spiritual director for the next few months)
2) Schedule 2 personal retreats with nothing on the agenda, which is a very difficult for a goal oriented person! (I’m leaving on my first retreat Monday, October 14th)
3) Meet with at least 3 key leaders I admire to learn more about their lessons in leadership (have scheduled 2 lunches…1 to go!)
4) Journal my thoughts and questions to God as I study 1 Corinthians 13 and the books of Mark and the Acts of the Disciples (so far, this has been very convicting and uncovered several things I need to work on in my life as well as many things I can celebrate)
5) Spend time with friends and family – both scheduled and unscheduled (I’ve been able to meet with a friend from Ireland and our best friends from Hilton Head as well as touch base with family members I needed to reconnect, and participate in several fun things!)
6) Begin seeking wisdom to discern where God wants to use me for His glory in the coming year. (I’m still waiting…but know as 1-5 are shored up, it will be time to put energy into this one!)

I would enjoy sitting down with you when I return to help you put together a 6×6, too!

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