“… and a partridge in a pear tree”

Flower pictby Paul Longhofer, September 20, 2013

At this time we have:

  • Six crape myrtles
  • Five red twig dogwoods
  • Four arborvitae
  • Three Winter Creepers
  • Two butterfly bushes
  • And a partridge in a pear tree

Actually we don’t have a partridge. We don’t have a pear tree either, but we do have a lot of shrubs and plants.

If you take a stroll north of the church onto the playground, you will discover our nursery behind the nursery. Over the past six weeks our landscape crew has been scouting nurseries and plant departments looking for bargains and just the right plants to enhance our church landscape. I discovered that plant shopping with master gardeners and plant enthusiasts is like going shoe shopping with Imelda Marcos. Every box comes off the shelf for inspection, or in our case, every plant is pulled from its bench to be viewed from all sides to assess vitality, symmetry, color, good root system and a thousand other things that our plant gurus look for. For every thirty plants inspected, one or two might pass the tests and be selected. Oh, did I say they have to be at the right price? If not, we are on to another store.

At this time we have about 60 shrubs that will be added to the church landscape over the next few weeks. Most of the stock on hand are planned for beds around the new sports field near 13th  Street. A number of the shrubs will be planted around sections of red cedar split rail fences. The fence sections will likely go up in the next week and the plants will follow over the coming weeks.

We are so lucky at Chapel Hill to be blessed with so many people who have such a variety of gifts. Gardeners are just one group of volunteers with offering special gifts and a commitment to serve. If you would like to be involved in any way with the church landscape team, even if it is just to help weed flower beds, you are needed and wanted. Give Jan Longhofer a call (316-684-4762).

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