Why A Green Roof?

by Paul Longhofer, September 10, 2013

church green roofWhy is there a green roof on the new church? It is because we are “FROG” friendly (Fully Relying On God)? Is it because the church has decided to go “eco-friendly green?” Maybe we think there is a large group of Irish Methodists who are looking for a church? It actually is there to keep the water out, but the green waterproof cover has caused people to notice.

The roof that is being applied over the laminated wood beams is quite a project. The first layer that went down was tongue in groove prefinished Douglas fir planks that came out of Oregon. The underside will be visible from inside the new sanctuary. The planks are nearly an inch and one half thick and after they were attached they were covered with sheets of plywood before the green waterproofing was applied.

The roofing company will start next week to finish the roof. The next thing to be added will be a more substantial waterproof membrane. That will be followed with five inches of ridged foam insulation before the metal roof material is added. The roof will have an appearance very similar to the one on the existing church.

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