Communications Enhancements

We’ve enhanced our logo, print material, newsletter, website and more!

Chapel-Hill-Icon_WebWe listened. Our communications haven’t always measured up to your personal standards or the norm for today’s digital technology.

We’re putting things in order. It’s imperative our communications be in order before the expanded facilities are open. As we grow, it will be that much more important to communicate with consistency, clarity and timeliness.


We recruited professional volunteers. A year ago, a Strategic Communications Committee was formed from within our congregation:

  • Team members Stacy Feil, Malaura Epperson, Cara Kliewer and Sheree Gerig

These marketing professionals worked to:

  • strengthen the overall “Chapel Hill brand”
  • re-establish consistency in visuals, graphics, logo use and messages
  • provide standards for print and digital communications
  • work closely with our staff and ministry leaders to assess needs
  • provide guidance for a part-time communications staff member


TODAY, we celebrate! the launch of our new website and new tools for communicating the work of Jesus Christ through Chapel Hill United Methodist Church.


We’ve strengthened our logo.  Chapel-Hill-Full-Logo_Web

  • The new logo is simply a modification of what we’ve had since our founding
  • The logo is consistent with the stone sign and other exterior signage
  • For simplicity’s sake, the bell tower is no longer included, but will be used frequently in communications.
  • The “C” and the “H” are becoming widely recognized, particularly with the “hill” referenced in the swoop of the “H.” We’ve kept that.


We’ve clarified our name.

  • Did you know some of you attend Chapel Hill Fellowship and some of you attend Chapel Hill United Methodist?
  • The official name of our church is Chapel Hill United Methodist Church. We began as a fellowship. But our official name is Chapel Hill United Methodist Church. Most of us just say, “Chapel Hill,” and that’s fine, too.


TaglineWe’ve updated our tagline.

  • A tagline helps people understand what we’re all about.
  • In church terms, this is called our “charism,” or our unique calling from God.

We believe our unique calling is : “Living in the Wisdom of God’s Love.”

  • Living is Active — we’re not done, we’re on a journey.
  • The Wisdom of God’s love — we’re here to learn about God’s love and how His love transforms our lives, and we believe it can and it does.
  • God’s love — a way of referring to God’s grace. Sometimes grace is difficult to understand; but we all understand love. And we want to share the wisdom of God’s love in all that we do.


We expanded and improved the website. 

  •  It’s a place to be informed — rotating slides on the home page feature the current sermon series, upcoming events and, for now, construction updates
  • It’s a place to be welcomed — front and center service times and visitor information
  • It’s a place to be transformed — with areas for learning, comfort and inspiration.
  • It’s a place to connect — through classes, small groups and worship
  • It’s a place to serve — via congregation and outreach volunteer opportunities


We tied in our existing intranet, GraceNet.GraceNet Protal

  • Our ministry leaders use GraceNet to communicate with their teams of volunteers.
  • GraceNet isn’t perfect, but we’re working with what we’ve got.
  • Features not requiring a login are incorporated into the site.
  • For those of you who DO use GraceNet, the way you use it has not changed.

 chapel-hill-newsletter-NEW_ Revised

We’ve consolidated and improved the Newsletter

  • A weekly e-newsletter will be delivered to your email inbox on Wednesdays.
  • This newsletter replaces the Spark
  • Ministry sections are clear and consistent with specific section for Volunteer Opportunities
  • Pastor Jeff’s Blog takes the place of the F.Y.I.

CHUMC Praise Band

We’ve developed a system of ministry names and logos. 

  • A logo mark that uses the “CH” and the UMC, plus the name of the ministry will help each ministry reflect the identity of our church.
  • We want to make being in ministry easy, by providing templates, apparel and tools you can use to reach out to others.


We’ve updated our bulletin.

  • Updated bulletins to more easily find the information you need.
  • GPS – Grow, Pray, Study – for easy-to-keep sermon notes.
  • What’s Happening for all the latest news and information.

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