Are You A Multiplier?

by Cindy Tannehill, September 10, 2013

Multiplier by Liz WisemanAre you a multiplier as you lead others?  As followers of Jesus, we are called to make disciples. That sounds like multiply to me!   Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers, spoke at the Leadership Summit this year and shared five important disciplines of a multiplier.  At Chapel Hill, we are in the process of seeking people who are ready and willing to help Chapel Hill staff and leaders move forward – be it on a committee, a specific leadership role, or ministry.  Email Cindy Tannehill, to discuss your desire to be a part of a team, ministry, or leadership area at Chapel Hill.  Liz’s 5 disciplines shore-up the multiplier vision we have for leadership at Chapel Hill.


  1. Multipliers scout out and develop people who have a desire to serve at a higher level based on gifts, abilities, and passions. Please pray about how you can use your God-given gifts and abilities at Chapel Hill.
  2. Multipliers create an environment that requires people’s best thinking and work.  Chapel Hill leaders and staff work hard to create an environment for growth, connection, serving, and Kingdom work.
  3. Multipliers define an opportunity that causes people to stretch and be challenged.  Chapel Hill definitely has many opportunities that will stretch and challenge you!
  4. Multipliers drive sound decisions based on healthy and rigorous debate.  Without debate, decisions are often made in haste without enough information. Chapel Hill leaders encourage rigorous, friendly, and healthy debate as we make small and Kingdom-sized decisions.
  5. Multipliers give other people and teams the ownership for results and invest in their successes and embrace failure as a learning step for the next success.  At Chapel Hill, we celebrate teams and successes, but never forget that to God be the glory!

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