Senior Ministry

OUR CHUMC Chapel Hill SeniorsMISSION
Helping seniors experience and share the extraordinary GRACE and LOVE of Jesus Christ

CONTACT PERSON: Rita Flickinger at 316-288-1110, email at

Seniors want and need opportunities to serve as well as be served, to minister as well as be minister to.

Chapel Hill Seniors Ministry is designed for people 50 and older, but all adults are welcomed. Everyone, including the public, is cordially invited to attend any of our events, as we have NO strict age limit nor restrictions. We urge our leaders and volunteers to help everyone feel warm and welcome in different ways, share information and have some fun.

We strive the share the warmth and love of Jesus Christ in different ways which it could be by sharing in a good meal or over a cup of coffee or glass of ice tea.

We are a place for community and friendship. For many in our group, a circle of friends is important. Families have scattered, friends have died, and incomes are often limited. Concern and fear can become overbearing. We understand that new friends, spiritual support and good Christian fellowship can bring renewal to hearts and minds.

We offer different opportunities each month and throughout the year for any one eager for companionship and community. So many seniors live alone, have no local family to assist them, widowed, have medical or depression related issues etc. They are not alone and we want to reach out to those who might be in need and have them feel that they are a part of our church and offer them opportunities to be a member of our church family in a non-threatening way.

We host a variety of events and activities to appeal to many people. Whether you just want to meet people over a cup of coffee, attend a potluck dinner or take a day trip out of town, Chapel Hill has an activity for you. God cares for people in different ways, so we offer different options from which to choose.

Stay connected and get on the senior e-mail distribution list so you will know exactly when and where our next event will be. We are always open to new ideas or events so come and share your ideas.


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The Seniors Ministry at Chapel Hill serves all seniors in the Chapel Hill community.

We offer a variety of different senior events every month including:

  • Old Time Gospel Sing-A-Longs
  • Pie or Cake Fellowship
  • Ice-cream Socials
  • Breakfasts and Lunch & Learns
  • Day Trips and Travel Outings
  • Monthly Board Game Night
  • Seniors Night Out
  • Christmas Light Tour
  • and much more!

Activities and events vary from month to month and some are seasonal.  Pick up a monthly Seniors Ministry Event Calendar in Fellowship Hall on Sundays, or sign up below to have information mailed to you.

Friday Game Night, 7:00 p.m: June 16, July 14, August 18 in Chapel Hill Fellowship Hall
Join the Senior’s group for a fun evening of games on the third Friday of each month. We play 10 point Pitch, and/or board games, and it’s always a great evening of fun and fellowship. We start at 7:00 p.m. and play until 9:00 p.m. Bring a snack and join us!

Seniors Breakfast, 9:00 a.m, June 13, July 11, August 8 – various locations

Chapel Hill UMC Senior Ministry invites you and any guest to the monthly Senior Breakfast. The breakfasts are now held the second Tuesday of each month in various locations:

June 13: Jimmy’s Egg, Central and Webb
July 11: Livingston’s Diner, 9747 East 21st
August 8: Chapel Hill Fellowship Hall

Come enjoy breakfast and fellowship!

We know not everyone enjoys getting their information on-line.  Therefore, we have many ways to learn more about and get involved in the Seniors Ministry.  Chose one or any of the following ways to get involved.

      • Pick up a monthly Messages from the Hill which lists all of our current events
      • Come to one of our events
      • Sign up to have a monthly Seniors Ministry Event Calendar mailed to you via U.S. Postal Service
      • Sign up to receive the Seniors Ministry Newsletter and Event Calendar vie email


Rita Flickinger at 316-288-1110, email at




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