Zoë Groups

Zoe GroupsZoë Groups, a New Program in Adult Ministry

March 1 – April 16

Chapel Hill highlights the Lent season with the launch of Zoë groups, a new program in adult ministry. Zoë groups are disciples of Christ who meet in small numbers for spiritual formation, not at Chapel Hill but in their own homes. Under the guidance of group leaders, who receive training from pastoral staff and clergy-in-residence, groups study, learn, worship and pray together. Most of all, they listen and minister to each other’s needs, from mundane to spiritual.

Why Zoë?


Taking its name from the New Testament Greek word ζωή often used to describe the true life of living with God, Zoë groups evokes both the practice of Christ’s early followers and the class meeting described by Methodist founder John Wesley. They give life to Chapel Hill’s twin charisms of teaching and healing as we seek to embody Christ in our daily lives. Thus, they help us fulfill our mission, that all people experience and share the extraordinary grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Why Zoë Now?

We introduce Zoë ministry in conjunction with the season of lent, a traditional time of spiritual reflection and growth for Christians. The inaugural groups will meet in the first week of March and continue regularly through Easter, alongside but independent of Wednesday Night at The Hill. Spearheaded by Senior Pastor Gannon and Abigail Cook, director of adult ministry, the program is guided by pastoral staff, clergy-in-residence and Zoë leaders who have completed spiritual formation training at Chapel Hill. Group leaders include Jen and Dan Bennett, Abigail and Jake Cook, Stan and Linda Greer and Tyson and Jenny Hirt. Participants are matched to a group according to need, interest and location.

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For more details, contact Abigail Cook at acook@chapelhillwichita.org.


Zoë Inspirations

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

So, how is it with your soul? The class meeting is about knowing Jesus, being in Christ, being in an active and transformative relationship with the triune God. – John Wesley

By God’s design, the spiritual journey is to be shared. Christianity is very personal but never private or it isn’t distinctively Christian. I am really excited about the Zoë groups because they provide the opportunity to share life together! We do not want to be a church with small groups but a congregation of small groups. There is a huge difference!  – Rev. Jeff Gannon, senior pastor

Zoë is living in purposeful awareness of God’s presence in our midst. We find courage to grow in the warmth of a charitable community. As we draw closer we begin to watch over one another in love. When we are well, we help a friend. When we are ill, we look to what ails us and seek community, scripture, and time to connect, not to escape our difficulties but rather to allow them to grow and shape us. Zoë is life abundant – living as watchful caretakers of souls, both ours and others’.
– Abigail Cook, director of adult ministry